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An exciting family history

The Faber-Castell family can look back on an eventful history spanning more than 250 years.

The first three generations

1. Generation
2. Generation
3. Generation

The beginnings of a global company

With his wife Maria and son Anton Wilhelm, Caspar Faber begins producing pencils in Stein near Nuremberg.

The pencil workshop becomes a manufactory

Caspar's son Anton Wilhelm acquires a plot of land on the edge of Stein. He expands the pencil workshop into a modern manufactory. The site remains the headquarters of the company to this day.

The pencil factory in the "Spitzgarten"

Despite the difficult economic times, Anton Wilhelm's son Georg Leonhard Faber manages to hold on to the factory. His wife Albertine actively supports him. The couple has three sons and two daughters.

The Fourth Generaiton
Baron Lothar von Faber (1817-1896) The factory develops into a companny with international standing.
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