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Perfect Pencil

This pencil is a true all-rounder. Why? Because it combines everything that is important for writing, taking notes and sketching: If the lead has become blunt, the sharpener integrated into the protective cap is ready to hand. To ensure the pencil is still comfortable to hold even after frequent sharpening, the cap serves as an extension.
Also ready to hand at all times: the replaceable eraser under the end cap, which can remove slips of the pen in no time at all. 
This writing instrument meets the highest expectations in terms of quality, too: boasting a lead with special bonding it is made of high-quality, finely fluted Californian cedar wood, which is particularly easy to sharpen. The Perfect Pencil leaves nothing to be desired. While suiting any creative requirements it offers a particularly pleasant writing experience.

Entirely multifaceted: variations of the Perfect Pencil 

In the course of the years, the Perfect Pencil has become a creative lifestyle accessory: finely fluted in classic brown or black, as a must-have in the popular magnum format or with a Guilloche pattern in striking trend colours.

A classic of true greatness: the Perfect Pencil Magnum

Just as the classic version, but more of it: the magnum-sized Perfect Pencil. Thanks to the characteristic fluting of the wood, it is pleasing to hold and offers one thing above all: supreme writing comfort. The extra thick and pleasantly soft 4B lead ensures striking and expressive writing and is perfect for sketching. 

  • finely fluted pocket pencil with extra thick and soft 4B lead
  • platinum-plated 
  • with integrated sharpener and eraser ideal for writing and sketching

Perfect Pencil compared to it´s companion Perfect Pencil Magnum

Have a closer look to our Perfect Pencils Black Edition

The Perfect Pencil’s deep black design raises the all black trend to the next level. The combination of dark, warm wood and cool metal is simply irresistible. The protective cap’s anthracite PVD titanium coating allows the surface to take on different nuances from light to dark depending on the incidence of light, which creates a dynamic interaction of brilliance and colour. A striking eye-catcher and stylish companion.

A jewel for any desk: the Perfect Pencil Rose Gold

Writing, sharpening and erasing all in the smallest possible format – the Perfect Pencil has a lot to offer and that absolutely convincingly. What’s more: the elegant all-rounder is also pleasing to the eye. This exclusive model is a particular gem: its extension and end cap stand out thanks to their 18-carat rose gold plating creating a fascinating contrast to the wooden barrel’s deep black. 

Have a closer look to our Perfect Pencils

Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Perfect Pencil, Sterlingsilver
1 Exterior colours
Perfect Pencil, Sterlingsilver
Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Perfect Pencil Black Edition
1 Exterior colours
Perfect Pencil Black Edition
Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Perfect Pencil, platinium-plated, Black
2 Exterior colours
Perfect Pencil, platinium-plated, Black